The Rainbow Factory


The Rainbow Factory was launched Keats House on 27th September and its Derbyshire launch is at the Derwent Poetry Festival on 5th November 2016


The Rainbow Factory is a superb and profoundly disturbing first collection ranging across challenging issues and experiences. It bristles with the chilling reminders of a profoundly stressed modern world - terror, profound tragedy, the proximity of danger; much of it created by humanity. It harangues the avarice of modern capitalism behaving badly with a wry humour and tender insights ...


“We have a novelist,
a humourist, a politician,
a publicist, a broadcaster,
a painter, a poet,
even a shrink…” said Sigmund,
“What we truly need…
is a decent Fischhandler.”
“You mean Fishmonger, Uncle.
Let me make you one.”



Author Image: Derek Ridgers

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