Stricken Fields


Craftsmen and women are the bearers of a universal language that holds and passes on the secrets of our complex relationship with the natural world and with one another. Their practices are intuitive as well as rational. Their work is a process of perpetual recovery and renewal drawn out from symphonies of magic and complexity that surround us.

These poems explore some of these secrets and processes through the hands and eyes of printers, patternmakers, dyers, weavers, growers, harvesters and designers.

Jane Weir is Anglo-Italian, born in Manchester and is a textile designer, writer and editor.

The innovative poetic biographies, Walking the Block (2008) and Spine (2012) are preoccupied with the creative lives of two Modernist textile designers, Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher.

Her work is recognised in literary and design awards, published in audio format by the Poetry Archive and studied in secondary and higher education.

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‘Lines’ by Phyllis Barron & Dorothy Larcher
Reference: 2001.1.54
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