Mapping Emily



Mapping Emily is one of the winners of the 2016 iOTA Shot Pamphlet Awards.


Kathleen Jones is a biographer and poet. Her published work includes A Glorious Fame (Bloomsbury), Learning not to be First - Christina Rossetti (OUP), A Passionate Sisterhood (Virago), Catherine Cookson (Time Warner), Margaret Forster: An Introduction (Northern Lights) and Katherine Mansfield: The Story-Teller, (Penguin/Edinburgh University Press), as well as a poetry pamphlet Unwritten Lives (Redbeck Press). Kathleen lived for ten years in the Middle East working in broad-casting, and now lives in the Lake District. 

 The View from Here

In the early afternoon we sit out
under the shadow of the plum tree
and talk about the serendipity of love.
Turkish music on the i-pod
olives and vine-tomatoes, wine –
the glasses in our hands half-full,
the summer continuum of crickets
in the dry grass stirred by a warm breeze
from the marble mountains at our backs,
the past a video running through our minds
the present falling away in front of us
across the olive grove towards the sea;
the future invisible beyond the horizon
and the cloud bank of weather coming.

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