IOTA BUNDLE | Issues 97 | 98 | 99



Our redevelopment of IOTA began in 2018 and we published three issues in full colour in our new A5 format until  we were interrupted by the pandemic. 

Nevertheless the last year has provided a sabbatical to reinvent how we work as publishers in a post pandemic world; where much may have changed for the foreseeable future.

Why not catch up with the three issues of IOTA preceding our relaunch of IOTA in October with the Centenary Issue of the magazine?

We will select most poems for the Centenary Issue from the submissions we receive for both the IOTA SHOT and STRAID COLLECTION AWARDS which are currently running.

IOTA will be published twice a year from OCTOBER 2021, when we will relaunch and reopen our subscriptions to the magazine.

In the meantime please dip into our the new IOTA with these three issues...

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