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LONDON LAUNCH | 25th October 2016 at KEATS HOUSE 

DERWENT POETRY FESTIVAL LAUNCH | Saturday 5th November 2016

Furies is the debut pamphlet by Rachel Spence and a winner of the Templar Portfolio Award.

Rachel Spence grew up in South Wales and Leicestershire before moving to London after university. In 2001, she moved to Venice Italy, where she remained for nine years. Now based in London again, she still returns to Italy regularly. She works as a writer on the visual arts, primarily for the Financial Times.

Corte Sconta

Our hands clasped across the table;
a prayer of fingers, text of flesh,

wrestling need out of the mute oak.
It could be Paris, Dakar, ancient Rome.

We have built a pyramid of blame,
stacking fault with the precision of children.

The waiters drop their charm offensive;
the rose seller gives us a wide berth.

Certain of victory, Language slinks off.
Our world cropped to the theatre of cutlery.

And you take my hand. Silence ruptures.
A couple close to us starts to quarrel.

(From Furies by Rachel Spence, Templar, 2016)






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