Flowers by the Road


TEMPLAR POETRY LIVE | Launched at KEATS HOUSE 28th February 2017


Flowers by the Road

Perhaps we should build a memorial and collect

all the dying flowers left at the side of the road

to burn them on the greatest fire our world

has ever seen or known. Each dried stem burning

with the same heat and intensity of a kiln or

simple furnace. I'm sure the fire will last for days; long

enough for each friend, relative, fan, follower,

lover or inquisitive passerby to make their way

towards the pyre where arguments over wind direction

are left at t he back gate. Standing behind a safety barrier

the crowd will feel nothing from the flames

so in winter the code of dress must be practical,

something smart casual whatever that means.

We need to work out so many things.




ISBN 9781911132196

Publication Date: 31st January 2017


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