Bird of Sorrow


Bird of Sorrow: Winner of the 2017 Straid Collection Award

KEATS HOUSE  WAS LAUNCHED | Wednesday 21st February | 2018


We opened our 2018 Templar Poetry Live series at Keats House on Wednesday 21st February with a packed house in the Chester Room.

Bird of Sorrow takes its title from a song by the Irish singer Glen Hansard. The book’s inspirations include the character of Medea, the sculpture Bird in Space by Constantin Brancusi and L’Annunziata, a painting by the 15th century Sicilian painter Antonello da Messina. The latter is the inspiration for a sequence of poems which are written in different voices including those of Antonello, his muse Vittoria, his apprentice, God, Gabriel and Mary.

Rachel Spence grew up in South Wales and Leicestershire before moving to London after university.

In 2001 she moved to Venice, Italy where she remained for nine years. Now based in London again, she still returns to Italy regularly. She writes on art, primarily for the Art Quarterly and the Financial Times.


ISBN 9781911132363

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