Anna Magnani, eat with me



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 Anna Magnani, eat with me

Anna, I summoned you today, Anna Magnani –
I saw you in the looking glass, I stared at you, you stared back.
Anna, I’ve a hundred thousand questions.
I know your English bad, my Italian rusty so bear with me
as I struggle up the slope till my tongue’s tempo’s found.


This is Jane Weir’s longed-for dinner date with Anna Magnani, ‘La Lupa, the perennial toast of Rome’, exploring a shared Italian heritage and her first 'conventional' poetry collection since Before Playing Romeo

Anna Magnani, eat with me  was launched at Keats House on 12th April 2016.

It was also launched in Derbyshire as part of the Derwent Poetry Festival on 5th November 2016

THE POETRY ARCHIVE published a selection of Jane Weir's work in 2016 which may be accessed HERE

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