Iota 90


Features new work

from Jane Commane, Owen Gallagher, Charlotte Gann, Ian McEwan, Liz Bahs, Luigi Coppola, Marion Tracy, Roy Marshall, Denise Bennett. Michael Curtis, Sarah Davies, David Duncombe, Margaret Wilmot, F.J. Williams, Helen Reid, Jonathan Edwards, Sharon Black, Robin MacKenzie, Caroline Natzler, Jake Campbell, Eluned Rees. 

Interviews with

Matt Merritt and Michael Symmons Roberts

Reviews look at


Speaking Without Tongues by Jane Monson, Hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica by Matt Merritt, The Night Post: A New Selection by Mathhew Sweeney, Rootling:  New and Selected Poems by Katie Donovan, Ten New Poets:  Spread the Word by Bernadine Evaristo & Daljit Nagra (Eds.), Night by David Harsent, The Patron Saint of School Girls by Liz Berry, Chickweed  Wintergreen: Selected Poems,by Harry Martinson
The annual iota Shots Awards for shorter poetry pamphlets publishes three new short collections each year. Further information is available in the Awards section of this site and is posted when the Awards are open for submission.
Iota welcomes submissions of poetry throughout the year from both new and established poets, and further detail on how to submit your work is available HERE


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