Iota 93


In this issue:


  • Nigel NcLoughlin pays tribute to Seamus Heaney
  • Eighty five pages of new poetry from twenty six poets
  • Kate North admires Selima Hill's outlandish hyperbole and classic qualities in People Who Like Meatballs
  • Michael Woods is irritated by uneccessary explanations in Whitehall Jackalls, the collaboration between Chris McCabe and Jeremy Reed
  • Christopher James finds Simon Jarvis's Eighteen Poems swarming with ideas and a mastery of the long line 
  • Ross Cogan discovers good humour and an Antipodean perkiness in John Gallas's Fresh Air and the Story of Molecule
  • Further reviews include Blake Morrison, Simon Taylor,  Ruth Fainlight, Adam White, Helen Ivory, Stephanie Norgate and Katherine Crocker
  • Interviews with John Gallas and Jo Bell

Poets Contributing to Iota 93

  • Steve Sawyer | Christopher James | Abegail Morley | Chris Rice
  • Jeffrey Alfier | Jennie Owen | Roger Elkin | Eric Paul Schaffer
  • Rosamund Brown |Ben Simmons | Eluned Rees | Graham Burchell
  • Joseph Minden | Holly Corfield Carr | Michael Casey | Michael W. Thomas
  • Morgaine Merch Lleuad | Martin Malone | Simon Kew | Nikki Magennis
  • Matthew Henley | Stuart Pickford | Abigail Ardelle Zammit
  • Dominic Bury | Mike Barlow | D A Prince


ISBN: ISBN 9781906285-66-1

ISSN 0266-2922 £6.99


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