Iota 89


Features new work

from Mike Barlow, Maitreyabandhu, Abegail Morley, Howard Wright, Robin Houghton, David Troupes, Colin Will, Suzannah Evans, Robert Etty, David Clarke, Rachel Spence, David Starkey, Steve Sawyer, Pam Brough, Jonathan Taylor, Julia Fairlie, David Holiday, Daniel Barrow, Julia Stothard, Richie McCaffery, Nicola Warwick, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Martin Mooney.

Interviews with

Mario Petrucci and Carol Rumens

Reviews look at    

Angina Days: Selected Poems by Gunter Eich, translated by Michael Hoffman, Apparently by Matthew Caley, De Chiroco's Threads by Carol Rumens, i tulip by Mario Petrucci, The Breakfast Machine by Helen Ivory, Whistle by Martin Figura, Cadillac Temple by Norman Schwenk, Into the Yell by Sarah James.

Iota welcomes submissions of poetry throughout the year from both new and established poets, and further detail on how to submit your work is available HERE

Format: Paperback

Magazine - Poetry

ISSN:0266 2922 ISBN 9781906285890

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