Iota 88


Features new work

from Joannie Kervran Stangeland, Christian Ward, Sandra Bunting, Richard Gordon-Freeman, Lizzie Rogers, Nigel Jarrett, Julia Stothard,Stephen Devereux, Maggie Smith Hurt, Terry Jones, Nina Boyd, Nigel Pantling, Colette Sensier, Andrew Pidoux, Joanna Ingham, Elizabeth Venn, Samuel Prince, Sophie F Baker, Jonathan Taylor, Deirdre Cartmill, John Wedgwood Clarke.


Interviews with

Penelope Shuttle and Philip Gross

Reviews look at

Sandgrain and Hourglass by Penelope Shuttle, The Water Table by Phillip Gross, I Spy Pinhole Eye Poems by Phillip Gross,photographs by Simon Denison, Word of Mouth by John Stuart, Three Hares by Caroline Carver,Tarkovsky’s Horses and other poems by Pia Tafdrup, Pharmacopeia and Selected Works by Elisabeth Bletsoe,Quaintness and Other Offences by Ann Drysdale
The annual iota Shots Awards for shorter poetry pamphlets publishes three new short collections each year. Further information is available in the Awards section of this site and is posted when the Awards are open for submission.

Iota welcomes submissions of poetry throughout the year from both new and established poets, and further detail on how to submit your work is available HERE

 Format: Paperback

Magazine - Poetry

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