Iota 87


Features new work

from Christopher James, Martha Sprackland, David Briggs, Charlotte Gann, David Dunscombe, David Hendy, Kim Moore, Matt Merritt, Rebecca Perry, Noel Williams, Oz Hardwick, Jenny Padgin, Arthur Haswell, Gail Ashton, Martin Reed, Jo Hemmant, Gareth Adams, Paul Blake, Sally Clark, Mike Barlow, Laura Elliot, Rob Hindle, Ian McEwen,

Interviews with

Claire Crowther and Julie Boden


An Economy of Talents by Paul Maddern

Reviews look at 

A Sleepwalk on the Severn by Alice Oswald, Plays by Lynne Alvarez: Later Plays and Selected Poems, Suit of Lights by Damien Walford Davies, Life Under Water by Maura Dooley, A Life of Guto'r Glynn, y Lolfa by E.A.Rees, A Clockwork Gift by Clair Crowther, West End Final by Hugo Williams, As Is by James Galvin

Iota welcomes submissions of poetry throughout the year from both new and established poets, and further detail on how to submit your work is available HERE

Format: Paperback

Magazine - Poetry

ISSN:0266 2922 ISBN: 9781906285807

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