Admiral Fitzroy's Barometer


In Admiral FitzRoy’s Barometer, Pat Borthwick’s poems detect and record subtle shifts, both on an intimate and global scale. Her poems are witty and wise, disturbing and tender, written in voices and styles as diverse as their subjects. She draws on a richness and range of dramatic effects in response to a world which increasingly threatens to impoverish the human imagination. Sensuous details that nourish and delight but also challenge the reader to make their own personal shifts, are the hallmark of her finely crafted poems.


"Pat Borthwick’s world is full of ‘the drunkenness of things being various’, a world where the water in a well is ‘divining us’, where a priest blesses the rain, and, in a virtuosic re-telling of the story of Pan, an old legend shines with renewed relevance. This is a poet who sheds human light and insight into reality, in language that quickens our sense of recognition regarding the hidden marvels and concealed traps that lie in our path."

Penelope Shuttle


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Wave, Pat Borthwick's short collection published by Templar Poetry, is also available.

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