A Place of Wonder - Soundings from Derbyshire



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A Benedictine monk once described Britain as a ‘land of many wonders’, naming the Peak District and Derbyshire as the first.

Poets, novelists, painters, philosophers and scientists have all taken time to travel through these lands discovering and ‘wondering’ on their ideas and creations.

Daniel Defoe, novelist, journalist and political pamphleteer wrote in one of the early examples of popular travel writing in Britain, A tour thro’ the whole island of Great Britain, divided into circuits or journies:
‘..I cannot but.. desire you, my friend, to travel with me through this houling wilderness in your imagination, and you shall soon find all that is wonderful about it.’

Following the footsteps of their predecessors the Derbyshire Stanza Poets have drawn together a selection of their modern poetry in their ‘wonderings’ through the Twelve Parts of Derbyshire.

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