Templar Poetry - Background Information


Templar Poetry was founded in Bute in February 2005 where a meeting of friends and colleagues decided to establish an independent poetry publishing house guided by the aim of publishing an eclectic list of excellent poetry from submissions received.


Submission of new work is open to all poets writing in English, wherever they are based, and the work we choose for publication is launched and promoted at live poetry events across the British Isles, including the annual Derwent Poetry Festival held in Derbyshire where we are based.

Our list is now over fifty titles and includes work by poets from across the British Isles and beyond written by poets from many walks of life. 

We recognise that excellent writing may come from anyone writing from anywhere.There are no caveats on the style of poetry we will consider, a writer's previous experience, externally perceived reputation or peer opinion. Work submitted to us for consideration is chosen solely because the writing is of sufficient merit and potential interest to readers and audiences to be published, and published as widely as our resources will extend.


We offer four open modes of submission to poets, divided into the length of work poets choose to send for consideration as outlined below.

  • Iota Poetry: Submission of a short portfolio of work for consideration by Iota Poetry
  • Iota Shot Pamphlet awards: Submission of a short manuscript for consideration as a potential 'short' poetry pamphlet
  • Templar Pamphlet & Collection Awards: Submission of a longer manuscript for consideration as a 'full length' poetry pamphlet
  • Straid Collection Awards: Submission of a full length collection 

Submissions: accepted by post or online. Details of the three annual Templar awards are posted on the Awards page of our website. Only one award is open at any given time in the year: Click HERE

Submission Information for Iota Poetry - open throughout the year. Click HERE

We are unable to consider submissions sent outside these four modes of submission. 

The Templar Pamphlet & Collection Awards also leads to the publication of an anthology of long listed poets. Occasionally we commission a full collection from writers published in this anthology.

Publishing ethos

Poetry emerged from the oral tradition, its earliest and most direct contact with an audience; it should be heard as well as read from the printed text. Templar Poetry is committed to the transmission and publication of our poets' work through both printed and other media alongside a range of live events where audiences have direct contact with the writer and their work.

The printed book is central to our publishing house and the excellent poetry we publish is contained within imaginatively and professionally designed covers, all lithographically printed to the highest standards on superb quality papers.

We aim to publish fifteen new poetry titles each year, including three issues of Iota Poetry.


Our Poets & Their Poetry

Our early publishing activity was supported by Arts Council England for three years and enabled us to meet the Council's stated aspiration - to establish a major independent Poetry publishing house based in the East Midlands. 

We are very proud of the numerous achievements - in terms of recognition through major poetry and poetry book and publishing awards - which so many of our poets have earned through our publication of their work.The range and variety of these achievements are acknowledged within the web pages dedicated to each of our published poets.


As a publishing house our work has been recognised partly by widespread recognition of the quality of our books and their appeal to be picked up and read by readers. Templar Poetry has received shortlisting twice in the Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlet Publishing and Jane Weir's innovative Walking the Block, was highly commended in the Literature Category of the British Book design Awards.


We aim to innovate wherever possible and are proud that our pamphlets and collections have led the way in showing how shorter poetry collections can present themselves in a modern world as fully fledged compact collections, which themselves can be innovative in the work they hold inside.

Our annual Derwent Poetry Festival is unique in the poetry calander - a place where we launch and celebrate the publication of many of our new titles each year, in the spectacular and awe-inspiring setting of the Derwent Valley, at the foot of one of the highest inland cliifs in England.

Our forthcoming audio archive will present a range of live and recorded readings from our own poets, ranging from guests at the Derwent Poetry Festival and launches and readings at events across the country.

Our e-newsletters

If you would like to receive our regular e-newsetters bringing up to date news about our publishing work and our poets please email us at 


Simply put 'PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO TEMPLAR e NEWSLETTERS' in the subject line - we will add you to our list.

The e-newsletters are free and do not bear any third party advertising or news.

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