Straid Collection Awards: Guidelines & Information



Straid Collection Award Rules and Guidelines: 2015 


Printed and Electronic manuscripts may be sent to us. All submissions should be presented in the following way:

  • Manuscripts must include a separate top page with the author’s name, address, phone number and email address and a short biographical note of no more than one hundred words.
  • This should be followed by a Title Page, a table of contents, a list of acknowledgments for poems previously published and finally the poetry.
  • The poetry section of the submission should be no less than 40 pages and no more than 70 pages in extent, with no more than forty lines of poetry per page, excluding the title of the poem.
  • Submission may be made by sending a printed copy of the manuscript presented in the format outlined above or in digital files; either MS Word or pdf file formats.
  • No changes to the manuscript will be accepted after submission and no correspondence can be entered into after submission unless the submission is to be withdrawn from consideration.
  • In the event of either an individual poem/s or the entire manuscript being accepted elsewhere, by another publisher, the poem/s or MS may be withdrawn from the Awards by contacting us directly.
  • Images should not be included with the submission.
  • The Straid Poetry Award submissions will be read and chosen by members of the Editorial Board of Templar Poetry.
  • Submissions must be accompanied by the appropriate submission fee.


  • Postal Submission Fee £22
  • Digital Submission Fee £25


  • The Submission fee will not be refundable if part or all of the submission is withdrawn by the author from consideration for the Straid Poetry Collection Award.
  • Authors submitting work agree to be bound by the Straid Poetry Award Rules and Guidelines



  • Digital submissions will be printed by Templar Poetry from files provided. Please note that Submissions will be read as they come in and the ‘closing date’ should be regarded as the latest occasion on which to send submissions for the 2013 awards.
  • Successful authors will be notified no later than 1st May 2013 and a suitable publication schedule agreed for each poet.
  • We are able to return manuscripts, but only if they are accompanied by the correct postage and adequate postal packaging.
  • We are happy to answer procedural questions regarding the submission guidelines by email to
  • Copies of the guidelines are available by post on receipt of a stamped and addressed envelope.


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