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Eclipse  by Kim Lasky is a brief lyric sequence where poetry and science meet in the skies above..



You talk for hours about such things,
eyes dark with mathematics,
fingers twisting the ends of sugar sachets

as if the speed of light might be opened like a fact,
sprinkled into black coffee–

An extract from Eclipse


Poetry and science meet in this lyric sequence that looks to the skies to explore the many ways we try to understand our universe – exploration, equations, imagination... science or superstition...

Informed by conversations with University of Sussex astrophysicists, this short poem sequence is infused with the mysteries of dark matter.

Scientists say we see only 4% of the universe, the rest is dark matter, dark energy. But no-one's sure exactly what that is.
The story of one particular encounter, these poems spin us back to ancient moon myths, mathematical equations, and characters across the centuries who searched for answers. From Galileo and Newton to today's scientists working to solve the mystery of dark matter, Eclipse celebrates the curiosity we share when we look up at the night sky.

Kim Lasky on Eclipse:

‘Eclipse was inspired by conversations with astrophysicists whilst writing poetry about dark matter as part of my DPhil at Sussex University. Discussing the invisible matter scientists believe forms around 96% of our universe (and the fact that they don’t actually know what this is) inspired me to think about the different ways we try to make sense of life – through poetry, myth, religion, as well as through scientific enquiry. The sequence is about the relationship between those different approaches – a conversation across the imagined divide.’


At Total Eclipse - VIEW HERE ON YouTube

Kim Lasky lives in Sussex and facilitates creative writing in education, healthcare and community settings, as well as working as a mentor supporting writers at various stages of their careers.

Her short collection Petrol, Cyan, Electric was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award in 2013.




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