The Down Recorder


The Down Recorder (Belfast 2004)

Damian Smyth's second collection of poems, The Down Recorder, is a long poem in seven chapters, based on stories of kinship and murder, war and shipwreck, personal pilgrimages from one generation to another and the strokes of good or bad fortune which make each possible, based on stories from the newspaper of the same name in continuous weekly production since 1836.

‘Seven chapters long, it is a powerful, poignant and often deeply personal poem which takes its inspiration from, and is deftly inter-woven with, just some of the stories which have featured on the pages of The Down Recorder down through the years … it is [his] intimacy with the area, his empathy with the people who over the years have flitted through the columns of The Down Recorder, which makes his work so powerful, so perceptive. And so very, very moving.’ – Belfast Telegraph

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