Boxing the Compass


You can never escape yourself. Taking in childhood, teaching, Eastern Europe, relationships, illness and death, the narrator of Boxing the Compass ends up where he began, but with an altered perspective.

As the nautical term of the title – which refers to a wind blowing from all 36 points of the compass in quick succession – implies figuratively, travel can lead you to change your mind and change it back.

Born and raised in Beckenham, Matt Bryden is an EFL teacher whose work has taken him to Tuscany, the Czech Republic and Poland. His pamphlet Night Porter was a winner of the Templar Pamphlet and Collection award 2010. His work is widely published in the UK, while his translations of the work of Taiwanese poet Ami have appeared in Modern Poetry in Translation and (in collaboration with Ingrid Fan) The Desire to Sing after Sunset.

Matt Bryden has an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths College.


Boxing the Compass was launched at a packed event on Friday 29th November at Keats House, Hampstead alongside The Invention of Fireworks by Beatrice Garland.



Available online here and in all good booksellers.


Format: Paperback

ISBN 9782906285692


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