The Blue in the Blue Marble



The Blue in the Blue Marble by John Mee

Winner of the Templar Straid Collection Award - 2023 

Launched at Waterstones, Cork in conjunction with the Cork Poetry Festival

13th May 2024

The Blue in the Blue Marble explores loss, exile, the brutality of history, our relationship with each other and with the natural world.

These poems reveal a restless intelligence seeking strangeness wherever it lies – from the Brehon law of bees to a template for safe grave digging, from a prehistoric-insect-romance-disaster-movie to the murder by Irish mercenaries of Europe’s most powerful general. 

John Mee won the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award in 2015 and the Fool for Poetry International Chapbook competition in 2016. He has published poetry in magazines such as The Rialto, Bad Lillies, Poetry Ireland Review and The North. His pamphlet, From the Extinct, was published by Southword Editions in 2017.

He is a professor in the Law School at University College Cork.

Listen to a selection of poems from the collection below 

The Green Girls from Eglantine’ | Wreckage| The Law of Bees| Domestic Economy Reader’ 

The Prince of Aquitaine| You Played Me False Banana


‘Cheb' – HERE   |   ‘Burden’ – HERE   |   ‘Saturday Night’ – HERE   |   ‘Gerl’ - HERE

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