B o u d i c c a


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B o u d i c c a

The winning pamphlet in the 2022 East Anglian Book Awards - Poetry


iOTA Shot Pamphlet Awards

Matt Haw is a poet, essayist and filmmaker. He is the author of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole (tall-lighthouse, 2014) and the recipient of an Eric Gregory Award. He divides his time between Norfolk and the west coast of Norway.

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'A Vision for the Topographical future of East Anglia'


In quick-dry raiment

militant ecologists patrol concrete levees

wind slaps jade North Sea

over the tide barriers   out there


in the shimmering     amphibious

trawlers sift sandbars for bivalves

inland the salt marshes go on

for miles of sea grass & sampha


at dawn   Boudicca punts

her raft back to the stilt houses

a Celtic knot of eels in a bucket

her breakfast  


she is cinnamon tan & freckled

with fishing everyday

in brackish sun   how she lives

since the re-wilding of the east


when the tide sits low

dunes island like beached seals

on still days the waters clear

on submerged bungalows


the ruins of churches   hatchbacks

crusted with barnacles    sometimes

they come with their masks & cuffs

but don’t find her


she rules her regency   rich in

omega-3   eating fish fry

& eels & crustaceans fat with

burrowing for corpses in the silt

                                                        © Matt Haw


ISBN 9781-911132-53-0


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