Iota 85


Features new work from:

Howard Wright, Jane Speare, John Daniel, Mike Barlow, Susan Rich, Michael Henry, Cath Nichols, Derrick Buttress, Katrina Naomi, Christopher Barnes,T. Zachary Cotler,Yvonne Eller, Robin Lindsay Wilson, Robert Peake, Valerie Lynch, Roger Caldwell, Angela Croft, Peter Branson, Paul Maddern, Abegail Morley, Michael S. Begnal, George Szirtzes, Katrina Porteus, Christopher James

Interviews with:

George Szirtzes, Katrina Porteus and Christopher James

Reviews look at:

The Broken Word by Adam Foulds, The Lamplighter by Jackie Kay, Farewell my Lovely by Polly Clark,A Knowable World by Sarah Wardle, Etymology by Bryan Walpole, A Twist of Malice Edited by Joy Howard, Bundle o’Tinder by Rose Kelleher, The Fossil Box by Richard Margraaf Turley, Sea Change by Jorie Graham,An Leabhor Mòr: The Great Book of Gaelic edited by Malcolm McClean & Theo Dorgan,Time Gentleman Please by Kevin Higgins and Lost Republics by Alan Jude Moore.

Iota welcomes submissions of poetry throughout the year from both new and established poets, and further detail on how to submit your work is available HERE


Format: Paperback

Magazine - Poetry

ISSN:0266 2922

ISBN: 9781906285852

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