Stripe - 2009 Anthology


 Stripe was launched at the Derwent Poetry Festival in November 2009 with many of the poets included present to read their work at the anthology events.
The best individual poems drawn from submissions to the 2009 Templar Pamphlet and Collection Awards are by Josephine Abbott, Yuko Minamikawa Adams, John Arnold,  Ann Atkinson,  Miles Cain,  Liz Cashdan,  Matt Clegg,  Katherine Crocker,  Josh Ekroy,  Cliff Forshaw,  Naomi Foyle,  Linda France,  Charlotte Gann,  Mike Horwood,  Sarah James,  Vivien Jones,  Simone Mansell BroomeMatt Merritt,  Pat Murgatroyd,  Christopher North,  Jeremy Page,  Pauline Rowe,  Anne Stewart,  Pauline Suett Barbieri,  Kay Syrad,  Susan Taylor,  Jen Wainwright,  Lou Wilford,  Gina Wilson,  Pam Zinnemann Hope.

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Format: Paperback


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